Attention Cards


Would you like to connect with your partner or significant other more in a way that is fun, interactive, and convenient?

Connect on a daily basis with the game that helps couples connect and speak each other's love language better.

About Attention Cards

An Easy And Fun Way To Connect With Each Other

We designed an app to help couples take some time during their busy day to pay more attention to each other through simple activities such as going for a walk together, having dinner, reenacting their first date, and many other activities within the app.

  • Fun To Play

    The fun game format will take the work out of speaking the other's love language.

  • Easy To Do

    Convenient access on your phone lets you start connecting even before you are together.

  • Individualize For You

    With various card packs and the ability to add your own cards, Attention Cards is made just for you.

  • Great Connections

    You may not naturally speak the same love language but now you have help.


Grow Connections While Having Fun

Attention Cards is an App and Game that will help you connect and speak each other's love language better.

Whether your love language is quality time, gifts, or something else, Attention Cards is perfect for you. Learn to cook a new dish, go on a walk, or reexperience your first date. All by playing a fun game on your device.


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Users Love The Connection Built With Attention Cards.

Attention Cards is loved by new and veteran couples alike. From the fun design to the convenience of an app, see why Attention Cards is loved by all.

Easy To Play

Simple, intuitive and easy to play game with friends and family


No ads, no pro accounts, and no hidden charges


Connecting people through fun, enjoyable and exciting game

Win Coupons!

Win a coupon to one of your favorite places after a game


Simple and Fun Game Play

Invite Your Partner

Invite your partner to join you via the partner tab.

Once your partner accepts, you both are ready to play!

Select Cards & Play

Open the game tab on the app. Then select which cards you would like to play from.

This will send an invite to your partner. The person who initiates the game is called the Giver. The other person is the Receiver.

The received now turns over five cards. These cards are no longer available attentions.

The Giver is then able to type in their own personalized attention on a card for the Receiver.

Accept & Connect

Card play continues as the Receiver either accepts or rejects the offer.

You and your partner play back and forth until an offer is accepted or the last card is flipped.

This last card is from the Giver.


Amazing Visual Interface

Sleek and intuitive design makes connecting fun and easy.


Check out the cool stuff.

Gain awesome offerings by playing the game.


Available for all devices

Start to take some time during your busy day to pay more attention to each other through simple activities such as going for a walk together, having dinner, reenacting your first date, and many more activities within the app.